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Founded in 1981
Employees: > 50
Industry: Manufacturing, chairs
Materials: metal, plastic, wood and much more



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Company Profile

AlbaComponents operates in the field of furnishing accessories with the aim of offering customers a 360-degree solution.


Every component is designed, produced and sold, whereby each process receives the greatest attention so that each item is not created by chance but made with love.
The acquired know-how, modern infrastructure and technologies available to our departments enable our specialised employees to accept and fulfill any customer request.


The future of AlbaComponents is opening its doors to new markets with a certainty and strength never seen before. In a world where supply is large and choice abundant, we offer new incentives in order to stand out from the rest. The decisive and distinct character of our company emphasises the awareness of one´s own resources and the ‘joy of knowledge’.


The Italian spirit is the strength of the entire Metalmeccanica Alba Group, who have been keen to highlight this characteristic for several years now with a fresh image and their own name. Our purely Italian designs are created by our designers from pencil sketches before being examined by our internal technical office prior to their release to production.


Production also takes place in Italy. Our technologically advanced production facility in Treviso is precisely controlled by management in order to achieve satisfying results. The testing area is in constant operation. Each new model is tested internally using equipment supplied by Ente Catas in order to guarantee a safe launch of products.