TwinsNetwork | INTERZUM 2019



From the 21st to 24th of May at Interzum 2019 in Cologne, TWINSNETWORK has revealed every single color of its participant companies, with a stand that represented the features of Alba, Brado, Stiwood, Ivars and Omsi under the network’s common denominator.


A concept of alliance that launch a precise message to the market: together we exponentially increase the value that makes our offer complete.


The turn-out at TWINSNETWORK’s stand was huge; its design stood out for the outer walls transparency, distinctive trait of the network, and the interior spaces, emerging to represent every company through different colors and approaches.


The orientation chosen by the network to communicate its values continues to be the artistic one;


Raffaele Santillo realized a unique artwork for each brand, selecting a catalogue page for each of the five companies present at Interzum and worked on the pages using different visual and compositional techniques. Ivan Dal Cin’s site-specific and Mondrian inspired fiction involved Interzum public with an innovative corporate storytelling that has followed multiple ways of sharing.


Thanks to Interzum international stage TWINSNETWORK revealed its personalities. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.


See you next!